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				John Collier2016-2017 District Governor John Collier

At the beginning of this Lion year we were facing a large membership reduction in all our Clubs. We have turned this around to some extent but we still have a lot of work to do to retain our members. I would like to thank each of our clubs for this and encourage you to continue in this effort. As we approach the time to look for officers to serve next year, we must search for leader that will continue to work to retain current members as well as growing our current membership.

We as Lions have a great heritage and as we look to our second century we all can take pride in what Lionism has done for the world in which we live. The Centennial Celebration is a good example. In 2014 we had a goal of serving 100,000,000 people. We reached that goal in 2016 and now we are trying for 200,000,000 people served in the Vision, Hunger, Youth and Environment areas. So here in 2017 we are celebrating our 100th birthday and looking to make our second hundred years even better.

The Lions that we have in District 7L will not only help reach the new goal of service but we will make the world's largest service organization better known for the service we provide. A goal of mine for District 7L, as well as a Centennial goal, is that we let our coummunities know what Lions do and what we stand for. We have made strides in this area as well but we must continue to take every advantage to tell and show the public our purpose and our history. We need to take every advantage to show that we are Lions by wearing our Lions apparel every chance we get. Whenever we are doing fund raising or service project, make sure that we have something showing our logo like our club banner or a similar signet.

Let's keep setting the pace in Arkansas Lionism and grow our Clubs to the maximum. Thank you for your service and let us all TAKE PRIDE IN THE PRIDE.

                                                          John Collier, District Governor, 7L

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100th Anniversary as a Founders Club The Texarkana Noon Lions Celebration is on July 15 See Brochure for Details.

Mena Lioness Lions Club Annual Fund Raiser and Auction July 20, Polk County Fair Ground at 6:30 pm.

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